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Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !
Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !

MR11 2.5W LED light

Beam color

Our 2.5 watts MR11 30 degree LED light is built with one of the best LED technologies on the market. The Epistar LED component offers a perfect lighting for every situation. Offered in 2 different color temperature: cold white, which is perfect for rooms where a bright and clear lighting is required, like the garage, living room, home office or for commercial use. It features a 200 lumens performance and, it's UL certified, which guarantees a tested and proven energy performance. The hot white color is perfect for rooms that requires a warm and clear lighting, like the living room or bedroom. It features a 170 lumens performance and it's UL certified. This model is perfect to use in the bathroom and has a 30 degree beam angle. The 2.5 watt MR11 30 degree LED light only consumes 2.5W of energy, giving you the equivalent of a 22 watts incandescent light. It gives you the opportunity to save more than 88% energy consumption, thus reducing your light related electricity bill. With our 3 years warranty and the 35000 hours lifetime, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality and durability at the best price.