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Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !



These high-power license plate LED bulbs have several utilities on a vehicle. They are used for turn signals, back-up lights and emergency lights. The bulbs may show and a message will appear on your dashboard. In this case, we have a solution. You just have to install either a resistor for each bulb or a decoder (depending on the vehicle model).

The light next to the license plate is useful to keep it visible. It is essential that the license plate is always visible to all in case of emergency. Having a good bulb is necessary to facilitate reading the markings on the plate, that’s why each vehicle should change the yellow and dark light to a beautiful white LED light that makes all vehicles more luxurious.


  • Color: white (6000K)
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Maximum luminous intensity: 720 lumens
  • Light Output: 360˚
  • LED Type: LED Chip 6x
  • Product code: A