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Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !



The door panel light model (168 \ 194 \ T10) has several utilities for your vehicle. This type of bulb can be installed on the side lights (turn signals), the license plate, in the glove box, etc. It was designed to turn your original yellow bulbs into a beautiful white light with LED technology. The 168 bulbs have 5 SMD light-emitting diodes located on the sides, allowing a uniform and maximum light output. This type of bulb is sold in pairs and is perfect for several types of replacement.

The lights located in the door of your car have several advantages. In fact, when we leave our vehicle it is important to see the ground to avoid accidents. Moreover, this light can help to see under the seat to, for example, find a lost object. The bulbs become dull and they have less lighting capacity. So, we recommend you change them for LED bulbs to have a whole new bright and powerful lighting.


Voltage Rating: 12V

Current Rating: 250mA

Power: 3 Watt

Product code: A