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Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !
Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !

A19/A60 11W DIMMABLE LED light

Beam color

Our 11 watts A19/A60 270 degree LED light is built with one of the best LED technologies on the market. The Epistar LED component offers a perfect lighting for every situation. Offered in 2 different color temperature: cold white, which is perfect for rooms where a bright and clear lighting is required, like the garage, living room, home office or for commercial use. It features a 840 lumens performanc and, it's UL certified, which guarantees a tested and proven energy performance. The hot white color is perfect for rooms that requires a warm and clear lighting, like the living room or bedroom. It has a 270 degree beam angle and comes with the E26/E27 base, which is the industry benchmark. You will be able to use this light in any type of socket. The aluminum base and the waterproof scealed plastic globe offers a very strong light. The A19/A60 11 watt 270 degree LED light only consumes 11W of energy, giving you the equivalent of a 65 watts incandescent light. It gives you the opportunity to save more than 87% energy consumption, thus reducing your light related electricity bill. With our 3 years warranty and the 35000 hours lifetime, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality and durability at the best price.