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Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !
Free Shipping on all Orders over 250$ !

Jelly Bean

by Maui
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Paddleboard 9" - weight 24 Lbs, volume de 148.7 L, max weight 180 Lbs

Paddleboard 10.2" - weight 27.5 Lbs, volume 171.9 L, max weight 190 Lbs

Paddleboard 10.6" - weight 28 Lbs, volume 183.9 L, max weight 210 Lbs

Paddleboard 11.2" - weight 29 Lbs, volume 196 L, max weight 230 Lbs

Paddleboard 11.8" - weight 31 Lbs, volume 212.5 L, max weight 250 Lbs

All Around boards are versatile in all conditions and have the flexibility to do many different types of paddleboarding. We offer five different sizes which are designed for beginners to advanced paddlers. These boards are made to perform well in both flat water and rough conditions. Each of these boards is stable, easy to paddle and therfore perfect for leisurely outings and fitness sessions on flat water, fishing and catching small- to medium-size waves in the ocean. Most beginners will fall into this category.


Flat nose - double concave middle - tail to V - nice and smooth rocker to keep a perfect glide. The pointy nose offers a good stability since we kept it wide enough and the tail has been slimmed to keep the great look of the shape.

EPS foam 18kg - wood stringerless


PVC reinforcement block for handle, leash and vent plugs

0.5mm premium bamboo reinforcement

3 layers 4oz fiberglass - epoxy

Extra fiberglass layer step deck area

Reinforcement patch 6oz fiberglass nose and tail

3K carbon rails, nose and tail


PVC reinforcement block for fins

2 layers 6oz fiberglass - epoxy

Reinforcement fiberglass patch over all fin boxes

Carbon fiber net

Fiberglass tri fin setup: FCS center 8'' - FCS fusion G5 side